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*The ezPay Computers Club card is in not a credit card. It is a membership card providing log-in access to the ezPay Computers member web site. Members of ezPay Computers will receive a merchant credit line of $2,000 to be used exclusively on the ezPay Computers web site.


Why pay up to 29% annual interest to those other computer companies when you don't have too! We report all good payment histories directly to Trans Union making this program a great way to improve your credit score!

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Join the thousands of Members who save hundreds of dollars on computer financing with ezPay Computers zero interest finance plans. With 18 month terms and low monthly payments owning a brand new name brand computer has never been so easy!

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Nowhere else can you find such a large selection of name brand desktop computers, laptops, accessories and hundreds of other products from iPods to Plasma TVs and all with INTEREST FREE FINANCING! We're not a "Rent to Own" or "Layaway Plan" provider. We can get your new product delivered to your door in no time and with MONTHLY payments that you can afford for up to 18 months. Our pricing is VERY comparable to retail stores and our service is second to none. Our members have been enjoying the great benefits we've been providing since 1997!

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Once your order has been sent to us along with the required minimum deposit we will custom build your new computer to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability. Your new PC will be ready to use right out of the box! Our computer builders have over 15 years experience building high quality computers and components. Upon final assembly your new PC can be shipped in as little as 14* business days.

Finance your favorite name brands
Desktops Notebooks Electronics
Finance Desktops
Finance Desktop Computers
Whether you looking for a name brand computer like Dell, Gateway, Acer, Hewlett Packard, and Sony or you need a custom computer built to your specifications ezPay Computer Club has you covered. Our systems are built using only the best name brand components that money can buy and come with personal technical support for as long as you're a member. No other computer company has such a wide variety of products to choose from.
Finance Notebooks
Finance Notebooks
Need a new laptop computer? No problem!
At ezpay computers we have a large selection of the finest laptops and netbooks from 10.1" light wieght units to 17" powerful desktop replacment systems. Now more than ever laptops are keeping you working and entertained on the go with built in WiFi and network access points more common these powful platforms are a must.
Finance Electronics
Finance Electronics
Need a new iPod? How about a new camcorder or High Definition LCD tv? Yes, as an ezPay computers member you'll also have access to hundreds of electronic products at affordable prices and all with small down payments and easy monthly payment plans.
There is no better way to finance a new computer and the numbers below say it all. The pricing below is for a brand new desktop computer with Intel CPU 3 GB Memory 500 GB Hard Drive and 19" LCD Monitor. With ezPay Computers you'll never pay more than the actual retail cost of your new computer even when spreading out affordable monthly payments over 18 months!
  EZPay Computer Credit Card* Rent to Own Store Minimum Payment on Major Credit Card (24% APR) Companies you see on TV
Brand New Item Yes No Yes Yes
Payment $26/month No Interest Fees $35.49/week $44.68/month $99 + $29.99/week
Financing Term 18 Months 2 Years 5 Years 1 Year
Flexible Payment Options Yes Yes No Yes
No Hidden Fees Yes No No No
Personal Tech Support Yes No No No
Total Price Paid $572.00 $3690.96 $2680.80 $1658.48
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